Sunday, January 6, 2008


Ratatouille(pronounced rat-at-too-ee) seemed to be creating a buzz in the blogosphere, so I went to see what all the fuss was about, hardly expecting to be charmed by the tale of a rat!
Remy is born a country rat among a simple family, eating garbage, and he is expected to be satisfied with his lot. But Remy the rat has a gift of scent which sets him apart from his family, and dreams, fed by Chef Gusteau whose motto was "anyone can cook" and soon you find yourself swept away with his changing fortunes, as he finds himself imagining he's chatting with Chef Gusteau in, the food capital of the world, Paris.
Linguine, a young man who has just lost his mother, Chef Gusteau's amour, is looking for work in the great restaurant, carrying a mysterious purple letter. He is treated poorly by the chef and given the meanest jobs, but, unlike Remy who, dreams of overcoming his background in order to create gormet sensations, Linguine is satisfied with mediocrity. Until that delicious soup, which Remy has made, hits the table of a food critic, and creates a sensation, getting Linguine a new job, as a chef. Remy and Linguine have discovered that, as a team, they can send the culinary world of Parish afire, and only the chef suspects the shocking truth, a rat is the secret to Linguine's success. Will his secret be revealed, and ruin him? Will Remy chose his family over his new life pursuing his dream?
Take the kids to see the witty, family friendly, fast-moving, Ratatouille, and leave hungry for
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