Friday, January 4, 2008

Latenight TV Review: Jay Leno continues Anti-Catholic jokes

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As most of you probably know by now, Both Jay Leno and David Letterman have returned to latenight with new shows, despite the writers' strike.
I used to enjoy Jay Leno's monologue. But this past summer, he started making anti-Catholic jokes a regular part of his monologue (see link to post below). Even the Catholic League noticed this.
He made jokes about the Pope, priests, and altar boys. I started watching Letterman's least he wasn't regularly making anti-Catholic jokes. Last night I was watching Letterman, but I had a real hard time watching him with that beard he came back with :( So I decided to see what Leno was saying. On his second night back, Leno cracked a joke about the priest that was stalking Conan O'Brien. (by the way, that's yesterday's news, Jay). He said "Gee I hope they don't just transfer him to another latenight show". I immediately turned the TV off and went to sleep.
I don't know why Leno has decided to make Catholic Jokes a regular part of his monologue, but I find it offensive. I find nothing funny about the priest abuse scandal. As I've said before, I think any priest proven guilty should be defrocked, excommunicated and put in jail. Ditto for any Bishops that covered up the abuse.

I just wanted to let Catholics know what to expect from Jay Leno.


Anonymous said...

Funny you mention Dave and the beard ... Craig and I were talking about that just last night. Looks like Santa in the off season (it's the combo of the beard and wirerim glasses, I think). Ho, ho, ho...

Christine said...

LOL..He reminded me of "Grizzly Adams"

March Hare said...

Isn't Leno Catholic himself?

Christine said...

Yes I think Leno is Catholic.
And Letterman is shaving the beard on the air this Monday!