Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Magazine Review: Magnificat

I want to highlight a very valuable prayer resource.

Magnificat is a monthly magazine. It has prayers for the morning and the evening, and the readings and prayers for Mass. It also has the monthly liturgical calendar with all the Saints' feasts for the month.
I also pray the Liturgy of the Hours (I have the one volume Christian Prayer), but the morning and evening prayers in Magnificat are shorter than that, so I often use those to save time. We have a pretty thick hymnal in our church, so it is easier to use Magnificat for the readings. They usually have a couple of good articles also. You can get it in French or Spanish. There is also a kids' edition called MagnifiKids.

A subscription is $39.95 for the year. You get 12 monthly issues, plus a special Advent companion and a Lenten companion. Those are also helpful for those seasons.

If you are interested in Magnificat, you may want to check with your parish. Some of the parishes in my area let parishioners get a group subscription rate of $25.
I find Magnificat to be a valuable prayer resource; I hope you will also.

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Anonymous said...

If you want to get a single issue first to see if you like it or want to get the kids version, we sell those online.