Monday, January 28, 2008

A Commentary on Faith as Shown in "Lost"

Lost and Found: Tony Rossi has a good article covering an interview with one of the Lost show creators, Carlton Cuse, who is largely responsible for the positive aspects of the show's approach to faith (oft mentioned on in the Catholic blogosphere). Here's a bit but read the whole thing for yourself.
... Cuse explained, “Sin and redemption is a central theme of the show. Each of these characters in his or her own way is struggling with those issues that we all struggle with. We all have those issues inside of ourselves that we grapple with our entire lives. Sometimes we conquer them and sometimes we lose to them… None of us are perfect and I think what people might relate to…is that there’s a fantasy sense to the show which is that if you end up on this island you can sort of start over. And I think that even though these characters are deeply flawed, they are searching for redemption. ...
(AND I just figured out the podcast feed for the "Personally Speaking" radio show. Woohoo!)

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