Thursday, January 17, 2008

Family-Friendly Flicks: A New Option for Parents Renting DVDs

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A good article about
Faith and Family Flix by Tim Drake.

A good alternative to Netflix and Blockbuster.

Parents Leslie and Michael Tuttle understand the difficulty in finding good films for their 8- and 5-year-old sons to watch. They gave up monthly cable service because the job of monitoring content became too daunting.

Up until recently, they depended on movies from their local library or purchasing good films.

"When you're paying $20-25 per movie, that becomes prohibitive," said Leslie. "And we couldn't find the Catholic content we wanted — like saints movies — through the library."

The Tuttles considered Netflix, but knew that, in perusing it, the company carried a lot of content that wasn't suitable for the whole family. But then Mrs. Tuttle's sister e-mailed her about Faith and Family Flix.

"It offers a lot of the documentary videos and saints videos so that we can rent them and see if we want to buy them," said Leslie. "Our first two films were a documentary on Mother Teresa and a Tom & Jerry cartoon."

She's pleased there's a family-friendly alternative available for those who want to rent movies without supporting a company that promotes soft-core pornography and homosexual films.

That was founder Steve Thomas' goal in setting up the new business, which went live the last week of November. Thomas said that his company is working with the Dove Foundation for assistance screening the films in their catalog so that they'll be free of profanity, graphic violence, sex and nudity. The catalog currently has about 1,000 films. As the company broadens its customer base, it hopes to increase the catalog to 3,000 and eventually 10,000 films.

I checked out the site and they have a good slection of movies including "The Bells of St. Mary's", "Ben Hur", and "The Bishop's Wife".

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