Monday, January 21, 2008

Director David Kinsella explains purpose of documentary "Killing Girls"

"Killing Girls" to be completed by Christmas this year; Kinsella presents facts to let audience make their own decision

By Jean M. Heimann

Yesterday, I wrote about a new documentary film entitled "Killing Girls", which is about a late term abortion department in Russia for teenage girls and is in production for release in 2008. David Kinsella, an award winning photographer and filmmaker, is the director/photographer of "Killing Girls." I could not find a release date for the film and wanted to learn more about the film itself.

Kinsella, who is on his way to Romania to edit "Killing Girls", responded to my query, explaining, "The film will be completed by Christmas. The film brings us into the whole history of abortion in Russia, with the main focus on a speciallate term clinic for teenagers, these girls are as young as 12 and abort over 18 weeks to in some cases way over 7 1/2 months. I am not making a pro life or pro choice film, I am showing the facts and letting the audience decide. but yet again this is not easy to finance, this is why it is taking time to finish."


One of my regular commenters at Catholic Fire, Christina at Real Choice, shared this view about the situation in Russia: "Start with Godless communism, let it collapse and ferment, and add a dose of good solid western materialism, and you get this. Time to quote Ogden Nash: 'There has been a lot of progress during my lifetime, but I'm afraid it's heading in the wrong direction'."

The concern I have is, " If this can happen in Russia, it is also possible that in the not so distant future, it could happen (80% of women having 2 - 8 abortions in their lifetime, girls as young as 12 having abortions up to eight months) in this country if atheism, secularism, materialism, and modernism continue to grow and flourish as they have been?" (WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT: View the trailer at Youtube first before responding.)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the truth, Jean! Many people don't want to know the truth. They are afraid to see the face of abortion.

Meg, You are overreacting. I am an American citizen and I care what goes on in my country. We are not like Communist Russian here - we fight abortion. It is an evil here. There they believe it as natural as eating and drinking.

Yes, it could happen here. And if we allow this to happen here, the next step is euthansia.

We must defend human life here at all costs and not worry about petty stuff.

I am pro-life and pray for all the unborn victims of abortion in the world, but am mad as hell about the way the liberal left in the U.S. and the way the left wing multi-media are in bed together and only show you one side of what's happening.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post! I am definitely looking forward to seeing the film.

This will show the world the truth about abortion, which so many in our world don't want to see for fear that they will have to change their behavior.

Anonymous said...

I saw this posted at Jill Stanek's blog and it wasn't the least bit offensive to me. It did, however, make me think of more ways I can become more pro-active in the pro-life movement. I'm glad someone here has the courage to speak the truth and show us what abortion is really about. This is what Fr. Frank Pavone and Father Enteneur encourage us to do.

This is one of the best new blogs on the Internet and as a pro-life Catholic, I appreciate the bloggers here sharing their pro-life views.

As for your discussion question, yes, I see this coming in our country in the future if more people don't get up off their duffs and do something. The time is now!