Sunday, January 27, 2008

Movie Review: Rambo - R

I saw Rambo today, because I am a big Stallone fan. The setting is Burma, where the army is cracking down because of the Monks' protests. This, of course, is a horror that is happening in real life.
A Christian missionary group hires Rambo (although he wouldn't take money from them) to take them to where the violence is. They have food and medical supplies and they want to try to help the people who are being persecuted. He tries to tell them :"You can't change anything.", but one girl with them convinces him they should try to help who they can. This struck me, because that is what God expects from us in any situation: to do what we can. We can't necessarily 'fix' all all the wrongs in the world; we can do whatever we can, and allow God to work through us. For the most part, it is a standard 'Rambo' movie with lots of killing. The main difference is he doesn't do it alone. He is working with a group of mercenaries to save the missionaries. The violence is very graphic. The language is just as graphic. I like the ending, which I won't give away, because it does show how Rambo was affected by one of the missionaries.

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