Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Pope praises the internet

Pete Vere has recently mentioned this blog in The Wanderer (Jan 17 issue).
The Holy Father recently discussed the lack of ethics in the media,
"He praised new media such as the internet, which were "changing the very face of communications".
It seems that the efforts of faithful Catholic bloggers are making a difference. Pro-life bloggers were told at the Blogs for Life Conference January 22 in Washington DC that we must carry the stories of the pro-life movement, because there is a virtual media blackout on this issue, with the exception of EWTN. I posted on my observations on the media covering the March here.
A pro-life friend, a Franciscan brother, advised me that the days of internet freedom are coming to an end in the near future, especially if Hillary is elected.
This horrifying prospect was seen in the Democrats' attempts to impose the so-called fairness doctrine in Congress, where this blog would have to register to a governing agency who would make certain that we gave the other side equal time. Equal time, they OWN the mainstream media! We're the beacon of the Culture of Life, we'd better shine brightly now, before we are shut down.
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