Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pro-life trend in the media this year

A new survey by ABC News found that Americans are 6% more pro-life than 6 months ago. I believe that the rash of pro-lifed themed songs and movies out there may have had something to do with it.
There's the Romanian "Nine Months" movie, which won the Cannes Film Festival this year, American films "Waitress","Juno", "Knocked Up", "In the Wake of Choice", "Bella", and "Noelle". I can't think of another year with so many movies, which contained strong pro-life themes, perhaps even unintentionally.
The French Candian folk-rock band, "Mes Aieux"(my ancestors) were upset when their song, "Degeneration" about the sterility of modern French Candadians was reported as pro-life. But it is.
Roughly translated into English, the words say:
“Now you, my little lady, change partners all the time

When you screw up you save yourself by aborting
But there are mornings when you awake crying
When you dream in the night of a large table surrounded by little ones.”
The song title is a play on words that signifies not only the passing of generations, but the moral degeneration as well.

HT Lifesite
Former Senator from Pennysylvania, Rick Santorum wrote an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on this phenomenon.
There is a saying "politics is downstream from culture". I'm beginning to see the wisdom in that expression.


GoodForm said...

Thanks for the movie recommendations. I've added them to my Blockbuster queue. I never would have considered a movie like, "Knocked Up", but I would like to see the pro-life message.
Thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

Barbara Nicolosi of the Church of the Masses blog also adds:
August Rush
Dan in Real Life
Lars and the Real Girl

for positive-virtue seeing.

Pristinus Sapienter

Leticia said...

Those films are on my to-see list, I hope I get a chance to see them in theatres.