Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fr. James Martin's Response to Joyce Behar's Anti-Catholicism

Foolish as it would be to look for deep theological insight from "The View," Joy Behar's recent statements on Catholic saints (a) not existing any longer and (b) needing medication, was about as close as you could come to a nice Youtubable, public display of anti-Catholicism, for any who doubt it still exists.
Martin, editor of America magazine, has a good article responding to Joy Behar of The View who recently went on a public anti-Catholic screed. Do go read his responses to each of Behar's embarrassing examples of ignorance of the faith she is attacking. I also like his points about why he's not worried and the implied charity of Mother Teresa probably already praying for Behar.

In addition to pointing out the problems with such impromptu examples of anti-Catholicism being the last acceptable prejudice, we should also remember to extend charity to such offenders by forgiving them and praying for them. Mother Teresa, pray with us and for us, as we pray for Joy Behar.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone I know in Chicago CANNOT stand Joyce Behar. The woman is pudgy, ugly, matronly and uncommonly mean spirited. The fact that Behar attacks Sarah Palin for no cause, shows Behar remains obsessed and jealous of Palin's good looks and kind spirit. Behar needs an immediate restrictive diet which includes taping her mouth shut between meals, which would give our ears a rest too! It's easily discernable that Joy Behar possesses a constant need for oral gratification, demonstrated daily by her overconsumption calorie sized clothing and mindless oral rantings. Sarah Palin is a polished accomplished professional who happens to be REALLY pretty. Get over it Behar! Use your excess energy to work off some calories!! Since you were never a beauty queen or successful elected official, why try and compete?? You have the same Palin problems with Little Miss Elizabeth. Stop being mad at all the pretty girls, just cuz you look like Rue McClanahan. Our hopes are that ABC farms you out soon to the Golden Girls Sorority House.