Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Review: " Christmas in the Cloister"

"Christmas in the Cloister"  Gregorian Chant and Christmas Carols by the Cistercian Nuns of Mount Saint Mary's Abbey.    

To be honest, when I received this CD, I  wondered how "Christmas-like"  it would be.  It really will put you in the Christmas spirit..  

The chant is more lively than a typical chant CD; not as contemplative as chant usually is, but very enjoyable and every bit as inspirational.  It will also bring you closer to God.  

An excellent blend of Chant and Christmas Music.  

My favorite track is "Welcome, Son of Mary" - "Il est ne' is a close second.  :)

 I highly recommend this CD for the Christmas season!  

I particularly enjoyed the international flavor of the music, such as:  
Susani - German tune, English words.
 In Dulce Jubilo - English and Latin words, German Tune.  
Il est ne' - French words and tune.  
Coventry Carol - from Coventry, England  
While Shepherds in Meadows - German tune, English words  
The Christmas Child - French tune, English words  
Welcome Son of Mary - Dutch tune, English words


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