Monday, October 29, 2012

Book Review: "The Sparkle Box" by Jill Hardie

"The Sparkle Box"  Written by Jill Hardie Illustrated by Christine Kornacki  

Have you ever thought of the irony of the fact that on Christmas, Jesus' birthday, we all give each other gifts,  but Jesus gets none?  "The Sparkle Box" offers an idea that can change that.   

Like most kids, Sam is looking forward to Christmas, mainly the presents, but also the dinners and parties.  He is particularly intrigued  by a special box his mother puts out with the Christmas decorations.  She tells him they need to fill it, and as the story progresses, he finds out what they will fill it with.  

I was frequently reminded of Jesus' words "Whatever you do for the least of these you do for me".  A really inspiring Christmas story that will not only help get you in the Christmas spirit, but  it presents an idea of what we can do for Jesus on His birthday.  A beautiful story.

And KUDO's on the illustrations! 


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