Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Movie Review: Here Comes the Boom - PG

Scott Voss is a high-school teacher who has become apathetic toward his job and his students.   But when school cuts threaten the music program, he decides to raise money by competing in MMA/UFC (he was a wrestler in college).  He is assisted by the music teacher, the school nurse and one of his evening students.  He eventually gains the support of the entire school.  

This story is very much about people helping and supporting each other, and I thought it was striking how being more concerned about others than about yourself can transform a person, and others.  

This movie has lots of humor, and lots of action.  There are a few violent fight scenes, which is to be expected in a UFC-oriented movie, bit they are also far outweighed by the positive human side of the story.

  An excellent, very entertaining movie...don't miss it!


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