Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Review: "Double Blind" by Brandilyn Collins

29 year-old Lisa Newberry has severe depression. She is widowed, and she subsequently survived an attack.  Desperate to escape the debilitating depression she is afflicted with, she volunteers for a double-blind trial of a tiny brain chip that emits electrical pulses to heal  depression.  

At first, she is pleased with the effects of the chip, but when things go wrong, she finds herself drawn into investigating a  murder mystery.  But there are those who don't want her to find out the truth of what is happening to her.  How far will they go to stop her?  

With all the sorrow she's had in her life, Lisa is certain that God has forgotten her.  But in the course of the investigation, she repeatedly asks Him to help her.  

A real psychological thriller in which you never know what to expect next.  I couldn't wait to turn the page to see what happens next.  And there is an  unexpected twist toward the end that I particularly liked.  

This is the 7th book of Ms. Collins that I've reviewed, and I can easily say it is my favorite of her works to date. Very good book!

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