Monday, October 15, 2012

Movie Review: Atlas Shrugged Part II - PG13

In the future, gas is now $42/gallon, trains are the main mode of transportation, the economy is on the brink of collapse and  the government is crushing business with the  'fairness' law and confiscating anything at will.  Anyone who is bright enough or creative enough to help things seems to mysteriously disappear.  

Meanwhile, Dagny Taggart is trying to keep her railroad running and she may have also found an energy source that can resolve many of these  problems....if she can find someone to decipher it.   

On one hand, it is somewhat depressing, painting a pretty bleak picture of the future.  On the other hand, it is practically a caricature,  enlarging and expanding many of the issues we face today to greater proportion. Looking at the political perspective, I kept thinking  of it as the world that Obama envisions.  Considering it was published in 1957,  it is quite prolific.

  The primary theme is everyone just trying to survive.  But the part that surprised me a bit is that instead of turning to God in such desperate times, everyone keeps asking "Who is John Galt"?  That question is not quite answered, BTW.

  An  engaging picture that holds your attention.  It is futuristic, and very soap opera-like, weaving several plots together. 

  Not much  content warning except  some violence , but it might be too involved for smaller kids. 

  If you are a news junkie or a political guru, you'll especially enjoy this.


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