Sunday, February 17, 2008

Movie Review: Step Up 2 The Streets - PG13

OK, I admit it...I like 'dance movies' :). One of my favorite movies was "Save The Last Dance". This movie was better than the first "Step Up" movie. The main character is Andie. She belongs to a street dance crew called the 4-1-0. She lives with a guardian (her mother died when Andie was 16) who wants to send Andie to her aunt in Texas, but agrees she can stay if she attends the Maryland School of Arts. When Andie spends too much time at MSA, the 4-1-0 kicks her out. Andie decides to start her own street dance crew with some fellow MSA students. This gets her kicked out of MSA .The dancing is very suggestive, and some of the dress is suggestive, but the language was surprisingly tame. And the only violence is a scene where one of Andie's friends gets beat up. And their dance studio is trashed, but you only see it afterwards.
Eventually, her new dance crew faces off against the 4-1-0 in 'The Streets'. I won't spoil the ending. I really enjoyed both the music and the dancing.

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Anonymous said...

Judging by the cover where little is covered...this is one to skip!