Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is there a new spirit in Hollywood?

On this week's "The World Over" Raymond Arroyo interviewed movie critic and conservative talk show host Michael Medved regarding the Oscars. Raymond, always asks the right questions, he never fails to hit the one I would have emailed in, if I had seen the show live. He asked Michael if the pro-life trend in films this year was merely a coincidence or rather a cultural sea change. Michael looked a bit surprised by the question, and replied that people like Raymond at EWTN have been working for such a change from the Culture of Death why should he be surprised that it has been sucessful? "The abortion rate is the lowest it's been in 29 years, Hollywood is just a couple years behind in noticing this".
Tonight's Spirit Awards was confirmation. Ellen Page, who played the title role in this year's sleeper hit, "Juno" won the best actress award, and "Juno" won best feature film. Amazing.
I wish the moving work of Eduardo Verastegui, Leo Severino, and Alejeandro Monteverde in "Bella" had won the same accolades, however, I'm thrilled about a pro-life film winning over Hollywood. From within the belly of the beast. No matter how independent they tried to dress, sloppy shirts and sneakers onstage, the same A list stars were there giving out awards. The Spirit Awards represents the Hollywood establishment, and they voted for "Juno" twice.
A new spirit is blowing through Tinseltown.
Let's see what tomorrow's Oscars bring. "Juno" has been nominated for Best Picture, and Ellen Page for Best Actress.

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Anonymous said...

I had the great honour of speaking to Eduardo on radio a couple of weeks ago. We spoke about Bella and having integrity in movie making.

You can listen to the interview on my blog.