Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Disney and decency

ABC has been fined $1.43 million dollars for a shower scene in "NYPD Blue" which shows a woman entering a shower shocking a little boy. The Disney Company owns ABC, so it's lawyers did their best to twist the meaning of the FCC law to justify showing partial nudity on broadcast televsion. Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center has some interesting commentary on Disney's influence on the media.
"Was this scene necessary to the story line? No. Was it there to titillate? Absolutely. ABC claimed it was "nonsexual nudity," and therefore okay.
When it was finally rapped on the knuckles, Disney-owned ABC was petulant. It responded first by joining the crowd in Tinseltown now asserting in federal court the "right" to drop the F-bomb on millions of children. Then the lawyers insisted to the FCC that there's nothing inappropriate in an ABC show lovingly fixating the viewer on the young woman's bare behind several times. It was only seven seconds, they protested."

What would Walt say?
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Christine said...

Walt is probably turning over in his grave.