Thursday, February 28, 2008


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Every time Maher opens his mouth, I think he couldn't be possibly be any more ignorant. And every time he does, he surprises me....

performer, author, TV star, brilliant, incisive, iconoclastic, pain in the behind, acid-wouldn't-melt-in-his-mouth Bill Maher is at it again. Having already voided on all things political, he now sits poised to take his drawers down and express his opinion on religion. Any religion. All religion. God in general. Last year I told you he was doing this. This year I tell you he has already done this. It's finished and, come late spring, on its way to a theater near you. The man has made an inflammentary. That's a documentary sure to inflame whoever sees it.

He and that equally refined sensibility of "Seinfeld" writer Larry Charles, who directed our all-time great cinema triumph "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," have spent one year making this film. Confirmed agnostic Maher has created a scathing, searing, stabbing, scabrous sacrilegious attack on Divinity, Devotion, Prayer, the Supreme Power.

He did this in secrecy. He actually interviewed many of today's great religious minds. There are filmed pieces at every holy site - Rome, Jerusalem, Utah, the Middle East and, excuse the expression, God knows where else. He's photographed the place of Jesus' crypt. Cameras catch Maher Himself at the Vatican. You see him being thrown out of a number of holy places. Gee... for an atheist, he spends alot of time studying religion :) Every religion will be down his throat because he attacks each and, as he preaches in his concert act, says: "If there weren't religion, there wouldn't be war." What an ignorant statement....were WW I and II about religion? how about Vietnam? What about Korea? What about Desert Storm?

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