Friday, February 8, 2008

The Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio

I just had my Sirius Satellite Radio re-activated this week, and I have really enjoyed listening to The Catholic Channel on channel 159. My favorite shows are 'Seize the Day' with Gus Lloyd and 'The Catholic Guy' with Lino Rulli. They both do a very good job of talking about living as a Catholic in today's world. This week, they've been talking about Lent quite a bit. In fact, our very own Curt Jester, who also blogs with us here on CMR, has been interviewed on The Catholic Channel (I think it was The Catholic Guy show).
I also enjoyed listening to the Mass from St. Patrick's Cathedral; I used to work in New York City and I attended Mass at St. Patrick's fairly regularly, so it brought back some memories :)

I am a big fan of Sirius.
They also have EWTN on channel 160. Of course, I also listen to the music channels and the news/talk channels. I will warn you that they also have thePlayboy channel (on radio?... I don't see the point :), but you have to order that specifically. They also have 2 channels of Howard Stern who is foul-mouthed. But overall, I really like Sirius.

You can see program information and schedule here:

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Anonymous said...

The Catholic Channel is very entertaining and informative. We need to get the word out. With Both the Catholic Channel and EWTN we need to send a message now more than ever to Sirius because of the merger with XM that we want Catholic radi.

You can travel anywhere in the country and get two Catholic Channels. Plus all the other good channels Sirius has to offer.

Also please add TCC to your In Our Ears section.