Monday, February 4, 2008

The Catholic Hack

The Catholic Hack is a podcast now up to its fortieth show which focuses on apologetics and Church teaching and recently became an affiliate podcast with SQPN.

Joe McClane who runs the Catholic Hack is a convert to the faith from Protestantism and has created yet another well-produced Catholic specific podcast. You can certainly pick up his excitement for the faith as he talks on standard apologetic topics and he covers the various subjects thoroughly. Some of the topics span multiple shows such as the ones he did on Jehovah Witnesses. Besides the good apologetics fare what makes this podcast excellent is the quality of the interviews he conducts with many well-known Catholics involved in apologetics and other fields. He has had people like Tim Staples, Carl Olson, Mike Aquilina, Steve Ray, Marus Groudi, and several others. This week he had Christopher West on in another good interview as they discussed Pope John Paul II's the Theology of the body and his recent book The Love that Satisfies (which I reviewed here.)

This is an informative and fun podcast that is well worth your while.

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