Monday, February 18, 2008

"I teach Sunday school ..."

I am positive that this Stephen Colbert clip has been making the rounds but haven't caught up with blog reading this morning after being gone all weekend. An author tries to make an argument for Lucifer having been justified in tempting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and Colbert takes him to school.

Warning, this contains an epithet, bleeped out.

The clip above also makes me think of last week's House, which we watched last night. It delved into matters of faith and whether a person can ever really change. As a person who has changed for the better (as House's patient had claimed to do), I was interested to see where the writers took this question. One of the main delights, as above, was in watching the patient's husband, a Hassidic Jew, point out logical fallacies and groundless assumptions in the statements of the doctors. Which for me, is connected with watching Colbert above. I have said it before and I'll say it again, House is the one show on television that consistently examines the human condition evenly from both sides. Whichever result they choose to show "winning," there always is an evenhanded look at matters of conscience, philosophy, and theology.

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