Monday, July 18, 2011

WebSite Review: Pen Pal Kids Club

This is a new site which provides a fun, safe, and educational place for kids to interact online.  Here are some of the features it offers: 

  • There are 6 fun games which also teach about other cultures in other parts of the world.
  •  There is a library of articles from Encyclopedia Britannica for kids.  
  • There is a Penpal function which I could not test because I was using a free account to review the site.  It allows you to find a penpal based on common interests (music, sports, food etc)
  • There is a message function (email) which allows you to communicate directly with other users

I created both a parents account and a kids account.  As a parent, I like the ability to control and monitor my kid's account.   As a kid, it is neat to be able to interact with other kids in other countries.

Overall, Pen Pal Kid's Club is an entertaining and educational online environment for kids. It is free for the month of July, and $4.99/month thereafter.

My main concern, and it is a big one, is safety.  Kids are pretty free to interact with each other on Pen Pal Kids Club..  Sadly, pedophiles and hackers can be quite clever.   As with any online activity, I would strongly encourage parents to be vigilant.

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