Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review: "Brink of Death" by Brandilyn Collins

When Annie Kingston's friend and neighbor Lisa Willet is killed in her home  by an intruder, Annie interviews the only witness, Lisa's 12 year-old daughter Erin, and draws a composite of the man.    As the investigation proceeds with no arrest, Annie wonders how accurate her composite is...did her inexperience mislead Erin?   Annie, who has been an unbeliever, slowly begins to turn to God for help and strength.   She also asks His help with her children, being a single parent trying to raise two teenagers.

I enjoy a good mystery that is not all that easy to anticipate, and the story  flowed well, being told from different perspectives.

If you are looking for  a good murder mystery without a lot of objectionable content,  Ms. Collins is an author you should try.

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