Monday, July 25, 2011

Music Review: "I'm All In" by Robert Pierre

.  I'm All In"  will be released July 26.

This is Robert's second album

After listening to the first few tracks, the overall theme of total commitment to the Lord, as evidenced by the title "I"m All In", becomes apparent.  The first track, "I'm All In",  talks about total commitment to Christ.
I especially like "Who R U",  where he says "you're either hot or your cold, either yes or no";  there is no halfway commitment to Christ.

Other songs such as "Greater is He" and "I Trust in You" focus more on acknowledging the greatness of God.
The music and tempo of  each song seem to be particularly  well suited for its lyrics and its message.  Overall, this makes "I'm All In" an effective evangelization tool.  It is very uplifting to listen to.

I think Robert has very noticeably improved since his first album "Identity"

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