Friday, July 29, 2011

Movie Review: Zookeeper - PG

Griffin Keyes is the head zookeeper at the Franklin Park Zoo.  He loves caring for the animals,  and they love him because he is kindhearted.

Griffin keeps thinking about Stephanie, the girl who rejected him 5 years earlier. When he gets a second chance with her, the animals break their silence to help him get her back.

It was really cool how the animals talking was made to look so realistic. A lot of humorous moments, and lots of fun.  It was all about being yourself, and appreciating what you have.

Overall, a very entertaining movie.  The only part I didn't like was about peeing to mark your territory.  Aside from that, a very family-friendly movie.  My nephews, 11 and 13 loved it.

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Farmwife said...

We went to see this film and when it got to that point my daughter asked to go to the bathroom to avoid having to see it. She's 11. I agree that part was not needed. I guess I was confused who the movie was made for. The marketing makes it look like a kid's film, but the plot is more adult, Griffin trying to get Stephanie back.