Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pro-Life "Guerrilla Journalist" Lila Rose to be Featured on CNN Program Soon

Way to go Lila!

Lila Rose, the pro-life activist credited with using new media techniques to expose abuses at Planned Parenthood abortion activists, will finally receive some credit from the mainstream media. CNN, in a program devoted to what it calls "guerrilla journalists," will feature Rose's work.

Rose is the head of Live Action, a student-led pro-life group that has relied on the use of undercover investigations and hidden camera work to catch Planned Parenthood officials.

The abortion business staffers have been shown covering up cases of statutory rape and sexual abuse, misleading women about abortion's risks and dangers, and giving women erroneous information about the development of their unborn child.

The CNN program "Right on the Edge" will debut next month, according to an article today in WorldNetDaily.

The network talked about the new type of activist journalists like Rose who are "armed with video cameras and ideas," and "post their videos online to get their message directly to the public, bypassing the mainstream media."
"It's a new wave of what they say is old-fashioned guerilla (sic) journalism," said CNN, adding that it is done because there's a "growing distrust of the mainstream media among young conservative activists."

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