Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Review: "Sworn to Protect" by DiAnn Mills

Danika Morales is a Border Patrol agent in McAllen, TX. She is also a widow with a daughter, Tiana. Danika is dedicated to enforcing the law, but she balances the requirements of her job with her Christian faith. 

Her faith is also evident in her relationships;  her relationship with Jacob, her deceased husband Toby's brother, has steadily deteriorated in the two year's since  Toby was murdered.  She doesn't know what is wrong with Jacob, but she continues to pray for him and his family.  
Danika also begins a relationship with Alex Price, a doctor at a local hospital who often treats illegal aliens.  He is also Christian, and when one of them is injured, they actually pray together.

Danika soon has a lot more to pray about:  one of her family members is kidnapped and she herself  is  threatened.  At the same time, the Border Patrol is trying to find a rogue agent who is disclosing Border Patrol information.   As Danika faces these events, she also tries to determine if they are related to her husband's  murder.

I like the way Ms. Mills integrates character definition with the story development.  There are many different parts to the story, and they are woven together in a way that builds the suspense.  I really enjoyed this story and the way it portrays someone facing difficult circumstances with God's help.   I look forward to Ms. Mills' next book.

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