Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Movie Review: Bringing Up Bobby On DVD 10/5/10

For a dozen years, James Wyler has raised his brothers and sister since their parents died.   Andrea is married now, Dennis has numerous problems, and Bobby is still living with James and about to turn 16.   James has done a pretty good job of trying to teach Bobby Christian values.

It is now time for their parents' will to be read.   Andrea is greedy and hoping she gets everything.   Dennis hopes to get enough to pay off the 'anarchists' (part of his problems).

In addition to these issues, Bobby has a friend Eric who is dealing with an alcoholic mother.  Bobby also meets a girl named Liz in school. He likes to dress gothic, but he's been dressing  more like other students to impress her.  She challenges him him to show her who he really is.   That's exactly what he tries to do:  found out who he is.

A nice family-oriented movie with just enough quirkiness and humor to be entertaining.

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