Monday, September 27, 2010

Movie Review: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - PG13

Gordon Gekko is back after spending 8 years in prison. One of the first people he connects with is Jacob Moore, the fiance of Gordon's estranged daughter Winnie.

Gordon and Jacob have a common enemy:  Bretton James.  Bretton caused the downfall of Jacob's company, causing the suicide of someone close to Jacob.  Bretton also contributed to the evidence that put Gordon in jail.  
The common theme is, of course, greed. I did feel that Shia Labeouf brought some humanity and sincerity to the character of Jacob.  He is devastated when someone close to him commits suicide.  He also really believes in the new fusion energy startup that he is trying to help get started.  Gordon's motives, however, are always unclear.    I found the character of Winnie  to be very self-righteous and very slow to forgive.  She was the only character I didn't care for. Gordon's  character actually showed more about accepting people as they are.

I really enjoyed the integration of the characters with the story.  Although it is not necessary to have seen the original Wall Street movie to understand and appreciate this one, I think I did enjoy it more because I did see the original.  And yes, Charlie Sheen does make a very brief cameo as Bud Fox  :)
Very entertaining and worth seeing.

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