Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Review: Breach of "Trust" by DiAnn Mills

Paige Rogers is a librarian in the small town of Split Creek, Oklahoma. What no one there knows is that she is a former CIA operative. She is one of two survivors of a failed mission which killed the rest of her team.  The other survivor is Daniel Keary, who she believes betrayed their team.  Unfortunately, Keary is about to be elected Governor of Oklahoma.

Paige has become  quite at home in Split Creek.  She has also become a Christian, trying to follow God's will for her.  She has also developed a relationship with Miles Laird, the local football coach.  He is also a Chrisian.   They both face each situation as a Christian.  Throughout the story, each of them is constantly praying for God's guidance and, more frequently, for others who need prayers.

When Paige is called back into service by the CIA, it is fascinating to see her struggle to reconcile the super CIA operative she was/is with the Christian she has become and is committed to being.  It  was refreshing to read a good mystery with two characters falling in love without hopping into bed right away.  Paige is also hesitant to get too close to anyone and  endangering them because of her past, and the threat it poses  to her  today.

The characters were particularly well-defined and integral to the story.  I enjoyed "Breach of Trust" tremendously and I am truly hoping it will one day be made into a movie. 

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