Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Have you seen "Bella"yet?

There's still time. "Bella" has been in theatres since October 25, and is still being shown in theatres in the US, and will go international from there. Click here for showtimes.

Here's my review at Mercatornet.


CDE said...

Hope there's room here for a dissenting view.

IMO, Bella is not an Oscar-worthy film. It might have been a good short, but the filmmakers should not have left the character arcs and the narrative out of a feature-length film.

Of course I've been a bit soured to the whole project by the Regnum Christi marketing campaign, which was over-the-top at best, and shady/deceptive at worst.

Julie D. said...

Hey Clayton, we're ready to hear all opinions around here, especially when they're as polite as you are!

I haven't seen the film so can't really say one way or the other! :-)