Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Movie Review: This is Our Time

This a story of 5 friends who graduate from college together.  They are all seeking to follow God's plan for them.  (A couple of them consult with one of their professors).  Luke and Ale' go to India, Ryder and Katherine each enter the corporate world, and Ethan is working at his father's restaurant.  

When tragedy strikes one of them, all are affected and question what  God is calling them to do.  But they leave themselves open to His will. 

  It is very refreshing to see young people so intent on following God's will. It is very real and easy to relate to, not just a 'holier than thou' story.  And there are some pretty well-known actors appearing:  Eric Roberts, Erik Estrada and Dawn Wells.  

Although  not a true story, it does lead up to the 'Embrace A Village' organization (http://www.embraceavillage.org) which helps people afflicted with leprosy.  

A very gripping and inspirational story.  

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