Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Movie Review: Break Away

Francois is a corporate executive.  When Francois is laid off from his job,  his  search  for a new job is futile until he realizes two things: that he must use what he does have to make a new career for himself, and that he must trust in God while doing so.  More importantly, he learns what is really important in life.  

The bible story where Jesus multiplies the loaves and fishes to feed many  is referenced a couple of times, and indeed it is demonstrated when Francois  receives help from his friends and family and their help provides him with what he needs for a new career.  Although he is a man of faith already, Francois really learns the necessity of trusting in God.

  Perhaps the most rewarding part of the story is when Francois uses the opportunity he's been given to help others.  

A very entertaining and rewarding story.  I definitely recommend it!

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