Monday, April 8, 2013

If you want to remember Margaret Thatcher don't see "Iron Lady"

I came of age in the 1970's doing duck and cover drills under my desk in public school, with my vivid imagination hearing Soviet planes overhead. My husband in El Salvador grew up with a real war in his backyard, where Cuban Marxists, funded by Moscow, were fighting the Salvadorean Army which was funded by the USA. He supported Ronald Reagan's policies in El Salvador. I supported them in the US and Europe, where I visited Poland during the 1987 Feast of the Immaculate Conception to hear "Gorbachev y Reagan" on the Polish radio. Reagan was turning the tide against the Evil Empire on that historic day, with Our Lady's help, thanks to John Paul II her faithful son.
 Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were supporting Bl. John Paul the Great in his efforts to free his homeland. I had a front row seat to the drama of Solidarity; which, though banned was running the peaceful revolution in Poland in the late 1980's; churches being built in each city to accommodate overflowing crowds, church sanctuaries festooned with the Vatican colors headlined by Pope John Paul's Coat of Arms, stating "Totus Tuus". These three statesmen gave courage to millions in Eastern Europe who then, peacefully  overcame the greatest evil empire in the world and we are all better for it.  But today's liberal filmmakers are unappreciative of their greatness.
They had to diminish Baroness Thatcher. They made her a doddering old woman who can't even buy eggs for herself in the local convenience store. Sure, her final  illness took away her mind a bit at at time, but why in her biopic, is that what is emphasized? Because they are too ignorant to realize that Communism was a vicious system which destroyed freedom of thought, freedom of the press which they abuse to distort the truth of Margaret Thatcher's amazing accomplishments.
Avoid this film unless you think its worth enduring the annoyance of a propaganda piece to get to the few minutes which cover her impressive career and rise to power from a local politician.

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