Saturday, April 2, 2011

Music Review: "I Will Praise You" by Rebecca St. James

"I Will Praise You" is available April 5.

One of the things I liked best about "I Will Praise You" is that some of the songs focused on worshiping God, and  some focused on the graces that God gives us.  It was pretty well balanced in that regard.  Some impressions of specific songs:

The title song "I Will Praise You" begins the album with a great tempo and fast beat.

The best song is "The Kindness of our God".  "You never Let Go"  is based on the 23rd psalm. "You Still Amaze Me" is a remake of "Amazing Grace".  "In a Moment" contains a lot of Allelu...., so you may want to listen to that one after Lent :) .

The two that best showcase Rebecca's beautiful voice are "Almighty God"" and "The Kindness of our God".

An excellent album!

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