Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Review: Hanna - PG13

Hanna is a 16 year-old girl raised and trained in isolation by her father, an ex-CIA agent.  Eventually, she chooses to leave their home in the woods and when she does, it doesn't take long for some disreputable agents to start hunting her.  

I found it fascinating to watch the  irony of Hanna learning about things in the modern world (she freaks out a bit when watching TV), yet being so adept at survival.   She does find friends along the way, and she does have a specific mission.  

Naturally, most of the character development focuses on Hanna, her father, and Marissa, the woman hunting her.

There was plenty of action, and I especially admired how it was integrated into the story.  It was not gratuitous.

Content warnings include some language, and violence.  There was some blood in a couple scenes, but not as much gore.

A very captivating and entertaining movie.

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