Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Movie Review: Magdalena: Through Her Eyes

Magdalena was like other stories I've seen on the life of Jesus.  In fact, Brian Deacon, who starred as Jesus in the Jesus movie, portrays Him here as well.  Magdalena is relating the story of Jesus' life and ministry to a group of children who want to learn about Him.

Of course, this includes some of the more well-known bible stories such as the multiplication of the fish and loaves of bread, raising people from the dead, and healing people, including when He cast demons out of Mary Magdalene.  Aside from the passion scenes, the scene that touched me most was the woman at the well.

For those of you who found the passion scenes in "Passion of the Christ" hard to watch, don't be concerned;  although she tells the story of the passion, the scenes are not nearly as graphic as in that movie.

There are two versions of Magdalena on the DVD: an 82 minute full version and a 60 minute condensed version.  I watched the full version, and I am so glad I got to review it during Lent.
I recommend Magdalena, especially during the Lent and Easter seasons.

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