Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Review: "Double Cross" by James Patterson

Detective Alex Cross is back, and this time he faces two serial killers: DCAK (DC Audience Killer) and Alex's arch nemesis Kyle Craig, who recently escaped from the maximum security prison Alex had put him in four years ago  Of course, both have targeted Alex.   Alex is a therapist, but now he is back on the force and working with his friend John Sampson and his girlfriend Bree, who is also a  homicide detective,. to stop DCAK's killing spree and find out how/if it is connected to Kyle Craig,   Alex's team becomes both the hunters and the hunted.  And DCAK is closer than Alex realizes.

The plot is pretty engaging, but the best part of James Patterson's stories, whether Alex Cross or Michael Bennett, is the villains.  The overall character development is typically pretty strong, but the villains are so off the wall they make for intriguing and entertaining reading.

Content warnings include language, 1 bed scene, and of course the murders that are committed.

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