Thursday, December 2, 2010

Movie Review: A Walk in my Shoes

A Walk in my Shoes airs Friday December 3 on NBC at 8:00 p.m. ET

From the beginning, we are introduced to two women who lead very different lives: Cindy Kremer is a widow with two sons, struggling as a waitress in a diner  to make ends meet.  Trish Fahey is an English teacher, and  is better off, with two kids and a husband,  but she is so wrapped up in herself that she doesn't listen to any of them, or anyone else.  She is very insensitive toward others.  In fact, she's pretty quick to judge others and tell them how to live their lives.  Well she's going to get her chance to do just that when a mysterious woman (Molly) and a car accident give Trish the chance to live Cindy's life.  Not only does Trish learn from the experience, she is truly transformed by it.

Although this is not advertised as a Christmas movie, I  think the timing is appropriate that it is airing just 3 weeks before Christmas.  I saw a number of similarities between 'A Walk in my Shoes' and 'A Christmas Carol'. 

The story is told in a very entertaining and purposeful manner.  I like the way the characters fit into the story.   Not a lot of character development is needed, because the characters are easy to relate to.  I like Jake, an ex-Marine who lives next door.  He plays a pivotal role, but his purpose is really made clear at the end. 

Many of us complain about the immoral and inappropriate content of TV shows and movies, and this is an opportunity to support a real family-oriented TV movie.  As it turns out, my nephews, ages 10 and 12 are staying over this weekend, and I will encourage them to watch 'A Walk in my Shoes'.  BTW, kudos to Walmart and P and G for sponsoring it.

A Walk In My Shoes - 2:33 TRLR from on Vimeo.

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