Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book Review: "Coral Moon" by Brandilyn Collins

Reporter Leslie Brymes finds the body of one of one of Kanner Lake's beloved citizens and naturally, an investigation is begun by  Police Chief Vince Edwards.  

The pace of the story is just right (it wasn't rushed, nor did it drag), and it was good to see some of the same Kanner Lake characters again for this story.  The characters are a strong positive aspect, but the skillfullness with which the story is told is also excellent.  Ms. Collins also pulls a startling twist toward the end. 

I often read mysteries involving a murder, but this story was unique in that it soon involves evidence pointing to a deceased person and some people holding a seance.   I have to admit that I had misgivings about the supernatural aspects of the story  as I was reading, but  I was most impressed with how Ms. Collins handled the whole situation. She delivers a strong, clear message at the end which should please Christians. 

Ms. Collins is becoming one of my favorite authors.  If you enjoy a good mystery without a lot of objectionable or offensive content, I strongly suggest you check out her books.

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