Monday, December 13, 2010

Gresham: Narnia is about Evangelization

Of course it is. CS Lewis, besides being an Oxford Don was also one of the 20th century's greatest Christian apologists.

Douglas Gresham, the film’s executive producer and Lewis’ adoptive son, who describes himself as a “card-carrying Narnian Christian,” told Relevant Magazine that the purpose is for readers and viewers to come to know Christ through the character of Aslan.
“When you read the Narnia Chronicles, you should be able to get to know Aslan very well throughout the seven books,” he said.  “If that happens, as it should happen and does happen, you’ll then know his new name, his different name here in this world as a result of having known him as Aslan in Narnia.”

When you defend the faith, you evangelize in one way, when you write powerful fiction you evangelize in a more subtle, yet arguably, more powerful way. Look at the Harry Potter and Twilight series,the first  has increased interest in witchcraft and the other in vampirism and biting. Recently, I was horrified to see lip gloss  commercial advertising the "just bitten" look. Philip Pullman openly admitted that his "His Dark Materials" series was to bring children toward atheism the way Lewis' Narnia brought them towards Christianity.
Guess whose movie is doing better?

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