Sunday, October 10, 2010

Movie Review: Life As We Know It - PG13

Warning: possible spoilers.

Holly and Eric Messer (he's referred to as Messer) had a dreadful first date when their friends Peter and Alison  set them up.

Now, Peter and Alison have a baby, Sophie, and although they are the godparents, Holly and Messer  are unprepared when tragedy strikes and  they find out that they are also her legal guardians.    They each have a life and they can't stand each other, but they must find a way to live together for Sophie's sake.  Naturally, that involves sacrifice from both of them and for a while, Messer really seems to resent it. 

On the whole, the movie balances between how tough parenting can be, and how rewarding a family is.

There are some comedic moments, but there is too much anger and arguing; that makes it harder to enjoy.

Content warnings include sexual situations, making marijuana brownies, some language, and a 'married' gay couple.

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