Thursday, October 7, 2010

Movie Review: Legendary - PG13

Yep...I'm a WWE fan, and Cena is my favorite :)

The story is really about Cal Chetley, a thin (he's in the 135 lb. class) high school student who is more smart and clever than he is athletic. He takes care of the family fishing pond business and helps out his mother (he lives with her).   Cal does have a problem with a couple of classmates who are antagonistic toward him.   His father Mac and his brother Mike (Cena) were both high school wrestling champs.  Mac is deceased, and Mike is estranged from his mother, so Cal hasn't seen him for years.  Their estrangement is related to the car accident  that killed Mac (Mike survived it).  Sharon is upset that Cal wants to wrestle, and she doesn't want him contacting Mike. 
Cal seeks out Mike to train him to wrestle, but it is clear he is also trying to reunite the family.  At first, Mike says no, but eventually Cal persuades him.  I liked that Cal was able to help Mike with a couple of things as well.  I really enjoyed watching their relationship grow. 

  Legendary reminded me of the original Karate Kid...a wrestling tournament instead of a karate tournament, and Mike teaches Cal his special inescapable move (remember the crane technique?)  Danny Glover's character, Red, doesn't play a major role in the story other than to encourage Cal... we find out in the end who he is.

There were several positive messages such as forgiveness and reconciliation.  I really enjoyed the movie but honestly, I did not care for the ending.  It wasn't what I expected, which is fine, but I found it to be anti-climactic.

One minor content warning.  In one scene you see a butt for a couple of seconds.

Legendary was in  limited theaters , and the DVD is available at Walmart.

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