Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book Review: "The Rook" by Steven James

FBI Agent Pat Bowers is back.  This time he is called to San Diego to investigate a series of fires that appear to be arson.  He is again working with Lien hua and Ralph, and his teenage stepdaughter Tessa is also with him.

As Pat investigates the arsons, the trail leads to a more widespread plot involving a top secret devestating weapon.  It turns out to also be related to a series of kidnappings.  By the time they solve the case, Pat must save a couple of people close to him.

I really enjoy the combination of character development and plot sophistication.  Mr. James is  is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.   Although Pat is very dedicated to his job,  we see a little more of his personal side in this story.  He has to deal with Tessa's attitude, his responsibility as a dad,  and his own feelings for one of his co-workers.

A well-written, suspenseful story. 

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