Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Review: "Pursuit of Justice" by DiAnn Mills

FBI Agent Bella Jordan is sent to a small town in West Texas, where she grew up, to investigate a series of murders related to the search for the long lost Spider Rock Treasure.  It has been a while since she's been back, and that's because she would like to forget much of her past.  Her primary concern is her career.

The prime suspect is Carr Sullivan, a man with a disreputable past, who now appears to be a devout Christian. he for real?    There are also a couple of other suspects who are more closely  related to her past, which she must eventually face.

As the investigation proceeds, Bella finds herself,  and people close to her, to be targets, and she questions who she can trust.  Although she hasn't prayed in years, she again turns to God and asks His help.  In the process of regaining her faith, she learns how to forgive.

I really related to the character of Bella, because I was once very career focused and self-concerned, and when I had some serious health issues, I realized it is God and my family that I can rely on.

I really enjoyed Pursuit of Justice because it combines a good, suspenseful murder mystery and characters who are not afraid to be Christians in a secular world.

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