Sunday, May 16, 2010

Movie Review: Robin Hood - PG13

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The latest version of the Robin Hood tale.   I'm more of a Kevin Costner fan than a Russell Crowe fan , but I give Crowe the nod on this story.

Robin is part of the army of King Richard the Lion Heart.  When Sir Richard Loxley dies in battle,  Robin returns Richard's sword to his widow, Marion Loxley.  He poses as her husband so she won't lose her property (this is 12th century), and later  falls in love with her.  

When King Richard is also killed in battle, his brother John becomes king.  King John is neither qualified nor reputable.

There are two battles being fought.  The people are rebelling against the tyranny of both the Sheriff of Nottingham and King John,  and the  King's army and the people are resisting an invasion by the French.  Robin is key in both battles.   Robin's crew are very capable, and very loyal to him.

There is lots of action, mostly battle scenes.  The scenery is beautiful. The story could have been told better, because it doesn't always seem to flow well.   The audio could have been better, because in many scenes, Russell Crowe sounds like he is mumbling.  I did like the characters because they are unique, personable and entertaining.  

Content warning: There is one scene where one of the sheriff's men gets Marion alone and there is a very sexually suggestive scene.
I would NOT recommend for kids, but adults will likely enjoy it.  Overall, very enjoyable.

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