Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Movie Review: The Preacher's Kid - PG13 - Now on DVD/Blue Ray

"The Preacher's Kid" was released on DVD & Blue Ray today, May 4.

As the title implies, Angie King is the daughter of a preacher, Bishop King in Augusta, GA.  She is young, talented and  eager to explore the world.  She gets the opportunity to do just that when she leaves home and joins a traveling gospel show.  Her father is angry when she leaves, and tells her not to return. Angie turns her back on the life and the people she knows but doesn't appreciate, to enter a world she doesn't know, but gets drawn into.  She learns a lot about people, and herself in the process, especially who her real friends are.   She finds herself in a bad position, because the world she is encountering is NOT the world she expected, but she is also afraid to go home, not knowing if her father will welcome her.

As with the story, some of the characters are not as they appear, and some are exactly what you'd expect.  My favorite character is Wynton; my least favorite character is Devlin. 

I like the pace at which the story is told; it progresses and unfolds in a well told manner.  There are no sex scenes, but it is clear that Angie spends the night with Devlin.  I did not like the scenes where a man hits a woman.  The whole story is reminiscent of the parable of the Prodigal Son.   The primary recurring  theme is that of family. There is also the theme of redemption when people wander away from God and return to Him.  I particularly  enjoyed the music.

For an uplifting movie: check out the DVD!

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