Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book Review: "Twin Targets" by Marta Perry

U.S. Marshal Micah McGraw has the unpleasant job of informing Jade Summers that her sister Ruby, who was in Witness Protection, is dead. They soon find out that he now has the dangerous job of protecting Jade, because she is next on the killer's list. Their only clue as to why she is a target is that it possibly relates to a 20 year-old case. They get help from Micah's brother, an FBI agent who worked that case.

Although Micah and Jade begin to develop feelings for each other, they both start to wonder who, if anyone, they can trust as the danger continues. The suspense builds to an exciting climax: I couldn't put it down, and I also couldn't guess the guilty party. My only disappointment was that two questions remain unanswered.

This is the 4th book by Ms. Perry that I've read; I've become a fan of hers. If you're looking for romance and mystery, without offensive language or offensive scenes, Ms. Perry is a good place to start.

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