Saturday, May 15, 2010

Book Review: "Buried Sins" by Marta Perry

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In the first book, "Hide in Plain Sight", the central character was Andrea. The second book, "A Christmas to Die For" focused on Rachel. This third and final book in the Three Sisters Inn series focuses on the youngest sister, Caroline.  She's been living in Santa Fe, and comes home to the inn after her husband dies...or did he?   It's been years since Caroline lived with her  family, and she isn't quite sure what type of a reception to expect.   She's drifted away from her faith as well.   She describes her deal with God as  "He leaves me alone, I leave him alone".  She's been in trouble in the past, and she's brought some with her: someone has followed her home from Santa Fe.  Fortunately, Police Chief Zach Burkhalter is quick to figure out that Caroline is in danger and he helps her uncover the truth about her husband's death, and who is threatening her.  She must now rely on three things she is very unaccustomed to relying on: her family, a cop, and her faith.

I very much enjoyed this trilogy.  Ms. Perry has definitely saved the best for last.  I enjoyed the characters, and the story is very well told.  It is  a good mystery, but it is not so involved as to make it hard to enjoy.  I like the intertwining of the mystery with values such as faith and family.  I was only able to figure out one of the guilty parties, but Ms. Perry saves a nice twist to surprise us.

An excellent book.

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